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Journey of the Phoenix

  • 20Weeks
  • 38Steps


Recovering from trauma, toxic relationships, & finding yourself in the aftermath is akin to the journey of the phoenix. The phoenix initiates its own burning in order to be reborn & rise anew. This is exactly why I use this metaphor because you are about to embark on a journey of your own choosing. While I act as a compassionate and supportive guide as we do the work together for you to heal in ways that are meaningful to you, you lead this process. Rising From the Ashes is an A to Z course that helps you touch on many areas of healing & recover. This course is designed to help you understand trauma, how it impacts you, and give you tools to heal from the effects of it & rise from the ashes. You will cultivate inner strength to meet all of life's challenges. - We will learn and grow together. - We will develop your resilience and a toolkit that helps you meet whatever challenges you face. -While there is a structure to the course, we will allow ourselves to show up fully as we are. -This course is client led and flexible to accommodate the issues that we as trauma survivors face. -You will receive 20 sessions with me. -You will also receive my eBook The Trauma Survivor's Field Guide to Life that is filled with resources to help you build your toolkit.

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