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The Trauma Survivors Field Guide to Life

Welcome to the journey of a life time!

As I began my journey to start healing from trauma, I noticed one very huge thing.  There were not a lot of practical tools & resources to help me.  Yes, I could get on psychology today & look for a therapist but what if I didn't have someone in my life tell me I needed therapy?  There are also some really awful therapists out there, as with any profession.

I had no idea of the myriad ways to approach healing & that trauma is multifaceted so a multifaceted approach to healing would be beneficial.

I didn't realize how addiction & codependency related to trauma.  I was in pain & I just wanted to heal & I had no idea where to start.

As I did my work & started to realize all of the tools I had used on my journey I thought, wouldn't it be useful to have all of this information in one place to reference when I need it?

Thus I came up with an idea for a guide, & not just any guide.  One like explorers use to understand the terrain they are traversing.  The Trauma Survivor's Field Guide to Life was birthed from this & is my vision to help those like me.  I hope it helps you along your journey.

You will receive a copy of the guide when you take the Rising from the Ashes course.  If you would like to purchase it separately it is $12.99.

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