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A Safe Community to help you Heal & Grow

"What do we do when our communities, family, and those who were supposed to protect us harm us or don't understand us?" WE CHOOSE a safe community that does.

Enter the Out of the Ashes Community. Do You Need:

Affordable Support

While we know that therapy & 1 on 1 coaching are very helpful in healing, the truth is sometimes our pockets can't handle the hit.  This community is an affordable option to support you so you aren't alone.

Same Sex Female Couple

Trauma Responsive Spaces

How many of us have been

re-traumatized by systems that are

not aware of and actively fighting against the trauma(s) we suffer because they are not a part of the communities they serve? We actively work to look through this lens & help others to do so as well.  Your experience is valid & matters.

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A space where being & discussing who we are is ok & encouraged.  We will look at life through the lens of the experiences of our communities & address topics that affect us the most.

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Facilitated by Evangela,
The Casual Coach

I have a great passion to help people heal.  Community has been so vital to helping me on my journey back to self that I want to provide a safe container for that to happen for you.  I hope you bet on yourself & join me in the Out of the Ashes Community on Mighty Networks.

Who is this Community For?

This Community is for you if:


    • You are a person who needs AFFORDABLE support

    • Therapy just isn’t enough

    • You are fed up with not having a safe & kind space to be you

    • You want resources, education, & real interaction with people like you

    • You want to learn to show up for yourself 


    • You are BIPOC, LGBTQIA, or a safe ally

    • You are tired of your spaces being co-opted 

    • You seek to understand & be understood

    • You want growth

    • You want content curated for you & your experiences


    • You have experienced trauma

    • You want to live your life in a way that liberates you

    • You thrive in community 

    • You take/want to take accountability for your actions & words

    • You understand that everyone is human with unique experiences

The words be kind let's look out for one another

Choose Your Membership

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